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This is a follow-up from the workshop in March and your task is to produce a Panel comprising a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 images. The images should be related in some way e.g. subject, location, colour, genre etc. and arranged in a way which adds strength and balance so that they work together as a coherent whole.

A Panel can be laid out in different ways, but for this number of 3 to 5, usually in one or two rows.

More information with details on submission will be sent by email nearer the time but you will need to send the images separately along with instructions on how they should be grouped as a Panel. At the critique the Panel, as well as the individual images, will be viewed on the projection screen and commented upon by Steve Boyle.

We would also like to use this final session to reflect on how your photography has changed over the course of the year.