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Nancy’s work has evolved over the past 25 years from inward to outward; from very close personal portraits of herself and her family, to autobiographical projects about the lives of women, to pure documentary and street photography as well as portraiture for both public and private clients.

She still continues, as always, with diaryesque personal projects including making pictures of her daughter, Daisy, which has been a lifelong obsession.

Nancy has been photographing people for a long time, but never tires of children and teenagers, who she finds refreshing, idiosyncratic, and constantly inspirational. She aspires to picture the poignancy of this time in their lives.

A more recent strand has been quirky, experimental documentary/fashion work. Her work is always evolving and the commissioned work strives to preserve the sense of intimacy and freedom of the personal pictures. Most of her work has been in colour using medium format analogue media, but recently incorporating digital technology.

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