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Workshop: Post Processing with Jo Teasdale

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Post Processing with Jo Teasdale

The aim of this workshop is to help you improve your photographs after you’ve taken them – called post processing. Jo will lead the workshop, demonstrating some techniques on a Mac laptop with Adobe Lightroom software.  However, this is not a Lightroom specific workshop.  Jo will look at before and after shots and go through some simple steps to show how you can make basic adjustments to get better results.  She will also spend some time on individual images, encouraging you to think through and discuss the changes you would like to see.  Then she’ll try to put your suggestions into practice!

So, whether you have Lightroom or not you will gain a lot from joining us at the workshop.  You will hopefully feel inspired and have a better understanding of how to get more from your images and to think more critically about them.

Audrey, Jo & Ali

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