Workshop: Our year in pictures + self-portrait

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8th Meeting for the New Members Group of 2021-22 Season

This workshop is your opportunity to share your images from 2021-22 with the group.  It’s a chance to put into practice what you’ve learned from the NMG workshops – Abstract photography, Dynamic photography and post processing. You may also have been inspired by a Tuesday lecture or by looking at other people’s images.

So, we’d like you to think back through the year and submit 3 images in advance, picking up on some of the things you’ve learned. You’ll then be invited to talk through your images on the evening and you’ll receive feedback from members of the NMG team.  We’d like to hear about your photographic journey through this last year and where you see yourself taking your photography.

Also in this session we’d like you to submit a self-portrait on the theme of ‘This is me’.  You might want to photograph yourself in a way that’s not instantly recognisable or submit something which you think represents the inner you. Entirely up to you.

We’ll send out more details about submitting images nearer the time.

Audrey, Jo & Ali

The New Members Group Team