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Andy Skillen has been a wildlife photographer, photojournalist and film footage provider for more than 25 years. Working for all the industry’s major media (Nat Geo, the BBC etc), Andy’s work is used globally and sees him supply stills, articles and video stings as well as consult for a number of major television series, with him being on the road for up to 6 months a year.

Whilst continuing to focus most of his time on feeding these organisations and companies with images, articles and footage, he also supplies a number of publishing houses for specially-commissioned book titles and has also active sets of fine art limited editions which have been sold through galleries in the UK and overseas for the last 17 years. He also continues to undertake private commissions for collectors both corporate and individual.<p>

Having consulted for a number of UK-based tour companies on the construction and execution of photographic safaris, Andy has – in the last few years – also led some of his own tours as well to a few of his most favourite of places to give a real “industry-eye” view on what it takes to work in the field.

Tonight, Andy will focus (no pun intended!) on some of his on-foot work, face-to-face (literally) with two of the biggest land-carnivores on the planet….the grizzly and polar bear.