Astrid McGechan

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Astrid is a photographer, lecturer, tutor and book author based in Surrey.She started to seriously engage in photography a few years ago, when struggling to juggle the demands of family life, motherhood and a stressful job. Spending time outdoors and photographing became my way of balancing life.

Initially, She photographed almost exclusively landscapes, drawing her inspiration from scenes in the natural world that evoke a sense of tranquillity and harmony and being drawn towards the less obvious details in the landscape – such as shapes, patterns or a particular colour – making them the primary subject of her images. In the last few years she has become fascinated by street life and architecture and has photographed extensively in cities in the UK and abroad.
Astrid use a variety of techniques to capture her response to a scene and recreate it for the viewer through her photographs, such as long exposure, camera movement and deliberate defocusing.

She loves exploring new cultures and feel equally compelled to capture the beautiful evening light by a lakeside, the strong graphic lines and reflections of city architecture or the essence of life and countryside of new locations abroad.

Her images have been published and widely exhibited in the UK and Europe, including the Mall Galleries and OXO Gallery in London, and the Horizons Photo Festival in Zingst, Germany, and are held in private collections in Europe and the US.

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