ASTRO WALK with Moira Chalmers and Richard Mole

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ASTRO WALK with Moira Chalmers and Richard Mole

Please can anyone planning on attending the Astro Photo Walk on Saturday 27th August, please make sure they register by email asap as it’s important we know numbers and can contact people at the last minute should it be cancelled or moved due to the weather. Below is a copy of the original email details sent to all members.

As part of the club’s summer programme of events, we are holding an Astro photography walk on the 27th August at Beachy Head.
Weather permitting, this should be an interesting and informative event, especially for those who have never tried Astro photography before.
Club member Moira Chalmers has very kindly agreed to be our Astro expert and will be on hand to help with camera settings, etc. so don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to make the most of this opportunity. For those who don’t know Moira, she travels extensively throughout the UK doing Landscape and Astro photography, so has a lot of knowledge and experience.
Moira has identified the best date to capture the stars and specifically the Milky Way, is the 27th August. Beachy Head is one of the best places to photograph as it has very little light pollution, but also a lighthouse should you want something in the foreground.

Details are:
Date & Time: Saturday 27th August, 9PM meet up with shooting from 10pm to midnight. If the weather is an issue, we might move the event to the evening before or after.
Address: Belle Tout Lighthouse car park at Beachy Head, Nr. Eastbourne.
Who: BHCC members only
Bad weather: If rain or cloud cover is forecast and we need to cancel or re arrange, we will email all those who have registered to come at least 12 hours before the event.


  • Camera
  • The widest and fastest lens you have, ideally f2.8 or faster
  • Remote shutter release or self-timer
  • Sturdy tripod
  • Red light torch.

If you don’t have all the above, don’t worry, we will work with whatever you have.
If you’d like to come along to this event, please can you email your details (name, preferred email and mobile number) to [email protected] by the 20th August.  We really hope as many of our members as possible will come along and support this great event. If you have any questions, please include these in your email.
Yours faithfully

Richard Mole
BHCC Committee Member
Featured Image : Too Orangey for Crows | Matty Evo © 2021