James Veysey

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James caught the photography bug growing up on an Exmoor farm, trying to capture the wildlife and landscape of the area. His local college luckily ran a good A Level photography course, where the tutor’s advice was not to carry on studying it at Uni level if he wanted to make a career out of it, as it was a job you learnt more in doing it than in any other way, which proved true.

So at Exeter University he did a History degree, and whenever he could steered his course or study towards the history of photojournalism. It was there that his interest in news and politics merged with that interest in photography, and in his spare time he would cover assignments for the student paper and helped run the photographic society.

After graduating he travelled for a year, then moved to London and joined the Camera Press picture agency in 2002 as a library assistant, where he spent many hours poring over and organising the vast collection of historic photographs in the archive.He bought the most professional film camera he could afford, one of the last before everything became digital, and at weekends covered news events in London using film negotiated from the guys in the lab, who would then help him out further by developing the negs. He would then submit the contact sheets to the editors on Monday mornings until they relented and started adding some of his offerings to the archive.

In 2003 he landed the role of staff photographer for the company, and would shoot everything, from news, entertainment and royalty, to lifestyle shoots, features and the odd bit of sport. In 2019 he had the opportunity to join Shutterstock Editorial, where he continues to love the job, particularly the variety of the work, and the strong friendships formed over the years with his peers.

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