As part of the process of bringing all of our online and social media accounts under the control of the Club we have deleted the old Flickr account and created two new Flickr groups.

The Brighton & Hove Camera Club is for the whole membership and is a showcase to share our very best images, the ones of which we are most proud.

The BHCC New Members Group is specifically for the NMG where they can share images inspired by their workshops and critiques/competitions.

Some people say that Flickr is a bit ‘old hat’ or way past it’s sell-by date, but… and it’s a very big BUT… when it is used properly, and especially by a group of enthusiastic amateur photographers, it is still the best platform for sharing images to exchange comments and positive criticism.

For those who don’t have a Flickr account go to to create one. There is a free option which is adequate for most people’s requirements.

Both of the Club Flickr groups are by invitation only i.e. you need to apply to join. Please supply your full given name so that it can be checked against the current membership list. New members can join both groups but must leave the BHCC New Members Group after 12-18 months.

Photos will appear instantly when you add them, with a limit of 6 per week. Regular monitoring will be carried out to ensure that the content of each group stays in line with the stated aims.