Beach Exhibition 2020-21

This latest beach exhibition explores the theme of ‘Our City’ and features a single image from 48 members of the Club. It captures different aspects of the city of Brighton & Hove, from beach resort to political hub to peaceful Downland.  It showcases the scope and range of the Club’s photographers and their diversity of interest.

Don’t miss the Photofringe 2020 virtual exhibition too, check out the event website link and details below.

This exhibition is part of Photofringe 2020.

The theme for Photofringe 2020 is Take a Photograph/Make a Difference and our exhibition showcases individual responses to the situation we find ourselves in in 2020.  Some photographers have chosen to remember how vibrant the city can be, with its festivals, throngs of visitors and gaudy colours. Others have chosen to reflect on the city as a hub for political activism while yet others have emphasised those aspects of the city which invite a calmer and more contemplative response. We hope that by presenting a diverse view of our city to our fellow residents and visitors alike we can bring hope and inspiration for a better and safer future.