Project Description

Remembering the life and photography of David Miles ARPS (1935 – 2010)

David Miles ARPS joined Brighton & Hove Camera Club in 2000. He was president of the Club from 2006 to 2008.

Sadly, David died in 2010 but he is still very fondly remembered by Club members who he encouraged with their photography when they first joined the Club. David was a former teacher and, just as when he was teaching, it was his genuine interest in people and their work that members of the Club remember about him.

As a photographer, David remained a dedicated dark-room worker whilst the rest of us were switching to digital (or making a pact with the Devil as David would put it.)

Whilst we all would think nothing of taking 200 or even 400 images on a day out, David would spend a day taking probably taking only two or three images (or maybe none). He would spend hours finding the right location and then wait a few more hours waiting for the correct light. Having got his image David would then lovingly work on it in the dark room using all the skills and techniques of the master printer that he was.

Such dedication and skill showed in the wonderful black and white images that David produced that won success at exhibitions held by the London Salon, the RPS International and the Surrey Photographic Association.

The images in this gallery were David’s favourite images. I know that because these are the ones that he asked me to scan for him when he produced his book of images in 2009, copies of which he gave out to family and friends.

This gallery is dedicated to David and his photography.