SPA Biennial 2020 Exhibition – Entry Results
There were over 1,800 entries from the member clubs and, of the 102 entries from the Brighton & Hove Camera Club, there were 18 selected for the exhibition in April which will be held in Guildford.

Congratulations to David Gerrard who received a Highly Commended award in the Colour print category as well as a Commended award in the Monochrome Print category, and also to Nigel Symington who received a Commended award in the Nature PDI category.

The full list of those accepted:

Colour Print – Annie Mendelow, Maggi Tillotson, David Gerrard, Wayne Grundy
Monochrome Print – Brian Stewart, David Gerrard x 2, Maggi Tillotson, Stella Michaels, Wayne Grundy x 2
Nature Print – Neill Wanless, Colleen Slater x 2, Greig Clifford
Nature PDI – Colleen Slater, Nigel Symington x 2
The exhibition opens at noon on Friday 3rd April and carries on until Saturday 25th April at the Guildford House Gallery, 155 High Street, Guildford.