Membership T&C’S

By signing up for any type of membership with The Brighton and Hove Camera Club, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

The contents of this document may change without notice.

Membership Options

Current available membership options are indicated on the website in the ‘Membership’ section.

For any membership that is discounted based on a member having a valid NUS card, the valid NUS card must be presented to the club as proof of eligibility.

For any membership that is discounted based on a member’s age, proof of age must be presented to the club as proof of eligibility.

Trial memberships have a fixed price and are not discounted at any time.

Trial Membership

A trial membership can only be purchased once and cannot be renewed.

A trial member has the same access to the club and resources as any other member (for the duration of the trial). However, as a trial membership is short term, it may not be possible to participate in all types of events or activities, as some span more than the duration of the trial membership period. Therefore, the club cannot guarantee that by being a trial member, it will be possible to try out all types of events and activities that the club offers.

It is the responsibility of the person joining as a trial member to make sure that events and activities of interest are available during the trial period joined.

Payment of membership fees

Membership fees must be paid in full, at the time of signing up for membership. Payment of membership fees must be made online using our website

When active membership starts

If you are a new member or your previous membership has expired, membership will start from the day you sign up and complete payment online.

If you are an existing member and you sign up for a new membership before your current membership has expired, your new membership will automatically start immediately following expiry of your current membership. e.g. if your current membership expires 31st August 2019 and you renew membership on 10th August 2019, your new membership will start automatically start on 1st September 2019.

Refund Policy

Our policy is to not offer refunds for membership fees. If you are unsure about joining the club, attend a trial first.

Attending the club

To attend any club event, workshop, activity, etc., you must have an active, paid membership for a period that includes the date you want to attend (this applies to all types of membership).

We reserve the right to refuse admission of anyone that tries to attend any club event without having an active membership.

If you pay for membership online less than 3 hours before attending an event, you may need to provide proof of payment when you arrive. When you pay for membership online, you will receive confirmation by email. You can bring this with you on your mobile phone/device or print it out as the proof of payment.


When attending a club event, members must check in with registration and sign out if leaving early. This is to comply with health & safety and fire regulations.

To check in, you must provide your name to the registration clerk. At the time you register, you will be advised if your membership has expired or is about to expire, as appropriate.

Note that unless you arrive on time, you may not be able to gain entry until the tea break (8:30pm approximately at Hove Methodist Church Hall) or at all (The English Language Centre), as external doors will be locked.

Calendar Events

Most of the events in our calendar are arranged well in advance.

However, in some circumstances, for various reasons, there may be a change to an event at short notice.

We always try to advise members of any late changes to an event, as soon as possible before the event starts. However, we cannot be held responsible if you arrive for an event and the content is different to that as shown in our calendar.

Club Year and Seasons

The Club’s year is from September to August, which is divided into a summer and winter season. Activities and events differ for the club seasons.

The Winter Season

September to May

During the winter season we run various regular events both at the main location of Hove Methodist Church and at the English Language Centre (both in Hove).

The Summer Season

May to August

The summer season consist of more social events, trips, outings and similar.