Submitting Images

These Terms & Conditions apply to all images submitted to the club.

By the term image or images, we mean one or more digital or printed images, in any format and size, mounted or unmounted, and for any purpose.

For digital images, the term ‘submitted’ means any method of electronic upload or transference to the club, of an electronic image, for any purpose. For prints, we mean any printed image(s) submitted or passed to the club or one of its representatives for any purpose.

Submitting an image to the club does not transfer copyright to the club or any other member of the club at any time but is an agreement that the club can display the image(s) as indicated in these Terms & Conditions.

Only members with an active membership are able to submit images to the club. A Two Week Trial is not classed as a membership and therefore does not allow submission of images.

By submitting an image or images to the club, you agree to the following:

  • The club has the right to refuse or prevent you submitting any image(s) that do not follow the Rules of Image Submission and/or do not meet the required Image format & size and File Naming Convention.
  • That you are the creator, full and sole copyright owner of the image(s) and that you are legally able to submit the image(s) to the club for display.
  • The club may publicly display any of the image(s) you submit, in digital or printed format, at a resolution up to the full resolution submitted, unless you state at the time of submission, that you do not want the image(s) to be displayed publicly.
  • Subject to your agreement that the club can display your image(s), the following terms and conditions also apply:
    • Your image(s) may be displayed intermittently, continuously or periodically for any length of time, on one or more occasions, including after your club membership has ceased.
    • Submission to the club of any image(s), in any format, does not guarantee the image(s) will be displayed by the club.
  • The club will not be held responsible for any 3rd party downloading or copying by any method, your image(s) from the website.
  • The club will not be held responsible for any 3rd party gaining access to the metadata contained within any image(s) you submit to the club.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the person submitting electronic image(s) to ensure that the metadata within the image(s) does not contain or disclose any personal or other information about the copyright owner, or any other individual.
  • Any image(s) submitted to the club in any format, digital or printed, are considered copies and as such the club has a right to permanently delete/destroy any image(s), at any time after submission, for any reason.
  • The club will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to any hard copy prints, mounts, frames, print storage containers or other hardware of any type, submitted to or left with the club for any reason or for any length of time.
  • The club will not be held responsible if for any reason, technical or otherwise, a member is unable to submit an image to the club in time for any given event.
  • The club has a right to refuse submission of any image, or display the image, for any reason, including those that are deemed offensive or inappropriate for display.
  • Submission of any content that is illegal will be reported, without notice, to the appropriate authorities.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you must NOT submit your image(s) to the club, in any format, or by using any method.