Welcome news from Sidney Lipman!

Sidney Lipman, a current and longtime member of BHCC, recently celebrated his 99th birthday. He moved to a care home only in January 2020, and they rolled out the red carpet for him metaphorically!  They unfurled a huge 3 metre long banner to celebrate this special event, and both his room and the main lounge were festooned with balloons and cards. The pastry chef created a fabulous birthday cake which was enjoyed by all.

A week later, many nations celebrated the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. The decorations this time were patriotic flags, and loudspeakers played war-time songs.  A special lunch was held for all the residents and Sidney dressed up for the occasion wearing his original forage cap and campaign medals plus a gold award from A.J.E.X.  It was on this occasion that the photo was snapped!

The care home are doing all they can for the safety of all residents, staff and suppliers, and so far they have remained COVID free; which is a huge relief to all.  However Sidney is looking forward to everyone being safe, and being able to join BHCC meetings in whatever format they take in the future!  He thinks that will be worthy of another celebration!

For those of you who would like to get in touch with Sidney, email Brian at brian.stewart@bhcc-online org who will provide you with his postal address and email address.