Hope everyone enjoys the Easter break.  We’ve a few weeks off before we return for the last Club Events of the Main Season.

Did you see the BHCC featuring in this week’s Amateur Photographer (Sat, 3rd April)?  Here’s a brief summary of what’s coming up noting that entries for 8th Critique are open already and that the Spring Online Exhibition opens in a few days.  Plus, with Covid restrictions slowly lifting, we’re delighted to have a couple of members’ exhibitions to announce!!  All details below.

As usual, please get in touch with any of the committee if you have ideas or suggestions, or want to get involved.

Featured Image: Impressionistic Blossom | Maggi Tillotson ©2020

Programme and NMG

Tuesday, 20th April

8th (and final) Critique of the 2020-21 Season.

Open for uploads Tuesday, 30th March and closes Sunday, 18th April.

Tuesday, 27th April

Talk by Mike Curry a Landscape/abstract professional photographer for over thirty years.

Mike’s portfolio shows the diversity and depth of his craft, and showcases his ability to create beauty from ordinary, overlooked objects. He has won awards in international competitions and has been published in the Sunday Times Magazine and Outdoor Photography Magazine.

Thursday, 29th April

8th New Members Group evening – Our Year in Pictures.  This workshop is your opportunity to share your images from 2020-21 with the group. It’s a chance to put into practice what you’ve learned from the NMG workshops – Abstract photography, Taking risks and post processing – as well as from other Thursday workshops.

In addition to the Program Team events – including Club and External Exhibitions, Technical Workshops – the following Extra Events are detailed below.

Note dates for external exhibitions maybe listed with longer notice, to advertise the event details and to permit interested members time to make arrangements for visiting exhibitions.  If you’re a Club Member exhibiting work, send an email to BHCC Website Team with details for  ‘What’s On’ News and website Calendar:

  • A featured image (or a sample gallery)
  • A description of the exhibition
  • Date information
  • Location details (including opening hours and costs)
  • Any relevant links.

Additional Events

‘Intro to Photoshop’ with Stella

Stella Michaels completes the last of five ‘Intro to Photoshop’ evenings on Zoom for BHCC members on Thursday evenings with:

Summer 2021 Online Exhibition

The ‘Summer 2021’ Online Exhibition is open for entries from 4th April to 2nd May 2021, with the exhibition visible on the website early May 2021

‘Shifting Positions’ exhibition by Jerry Webb

‘Shifting Positions’ is a new exhibition from Jerry Webb.  Frequently at odds with conventional photography, Jerry interprets what he sees using his own individual ideas, methods and style. As the title suggests, the exhibition reflects his move away from street photography, a term he has been increasingly uncomfortable with, to more narrative driven projects, often with a more political edge

‘My Adopted Family’ exhibition by Jo Teasdale

‘My Adopted Family’ is an exhibition by Jo Teasdale, it explores the concepts of family, memories and inheritance. Using cherished possessions collected over time. Jo has created her own family history and personal narrative and invites the viewer to travel through time and participate in the stories that unfold around them.

Steve & David

The Programme Team

Audrey, Jo & Ali

The New Members Group Team

Stella & Exhibition Team

The Exhibitions Team