We’ve nearly reached the end of 2020!! Here’s a brief summary of what’s coming up next month.


December 2020 wraps up for Christmas with a Stewart Wier followed by a Two-Part Interactive Critique No 3..

There’s a Club AGM planned for 15th Decembers, starting at 7.30pm and expected to run for 15minutes before commencing with the second-part of the Critique.

Programme and NMG

Tuesday, 1st December

Talk by Stewart Weir – Documentary & Travel photographer Stewart Weir talks about his work including assignments throughout Europe, Asia and North America

See stewartweir.com

Tuesday, 8th December

3rd Critique 2020-21 Season – Interactive (over 2 evenings).

Open for uploads Tuesday, 24th November and closes Sunday, 6th December.


Tuesday, 15th December (AGM)

3rd Critique 2020-21 Season – The second part of the Interactive Critique.

The Critique will follow a brief AGM, required by the club to confirm Committee positions and should take around 15minutes.

Tuesday, 22nd December to 4th January 2021

Closed for Christmas.

External Exhibitions

Friday, 27th November to 1st January 2021

Curated by Jessica Miller, Materiality Exposed is an investigation and exploration of the materiality of photographs. Launches Friday 27th November 2020 at 5pm GMT, and will be available to the public online until 1st January 2020.

Steve & David

The Programme Team

Audrey, Jo & Ali

The New Members Group Team

Stella & Exhibition Team

The Exhibitions Team