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We are one of the largest camera clubs around with 127 members and most certainly one of the oldest, as were founded in 1891.

As we are a large club, we are fortunate in that we can attract high profile, national & international, photographers and other professionals to come along and present to us. Aside from the professionals, we put on workshops, have a dedicated (somewhat unique) New Members Group, put on social events, day trips, photo walks and more. We are a friendly lot and always welcome new members. Our weekly members evenings are at the Hove Methodist Church, Main Hall.

Our Club

The BHCC, based in East Sussex UK, is a thriving photographic society with a large number of members of all ages and from all walks of life. We are all passionate about photography and love to welcome new members.

Our Members

We have a large, friendly and diverse membership of 127 photographers all with an interest in improving their creative image skills, both in terms of art and technique. We’re always willing to share our photographic knowhow and experience.

Our Interests

As a group we are interested in all aspects of photography including, film, digital, traditional landscapes, portraits, contemporary, macro, natural and artificial light. We also enjoy our weekly club events and various social gatherings.

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Léonie Hampton

Tue 22nd Sep at 7:30pm - 9:45pm

David Lewis-Hodgson (TBC)

Tue 29th Sep at 7:30pm - 9:45pm

Britta Jaschinski

Tue 6th Oct at 7:30pm - 9:45pm

New Members Group News

What have the new members group been up to?

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View New Members Group

New Members Group – First Events Announced

30th August 2020|

Exciting news! We’re up and running again! The New Members Group begins its new programme of workshops on Thursday 1st October.  We start with a Welcome Evening, which we’ll use to introduce ourselves, tell you a bit about the [...]

Abstraction & Distortion Critique

28th February 2020|

Abstraction & Distortion Critique with Colin Miller   Granted, we could have had more submissions but what we lacked in quantity was more than made up with by the high quality... all Golds and Silvers. It also meant that there [...]

Abstraction Critique – all the necessary info…

14th February 2020|

Abstraction Critique - all the essential info for the 2nd New Members Group critique evening on Thursday 27th February This is a follow-up to Colin Miller's excellent workshop on 6th February so the subject is Abstraction or Distortion and Colin will be [...]

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Printing Tips: Beach Exhibition

3rd August 2020|BHCC Exhibitions, Workshops|

Sizing your photograph for the BHCC beach exhibition Resizing your photograph to fit an A1 print size for the beach can be very confusing! There's been questions from people submitting photos for the The Beach Exhibition 2020-21. In [...]

Welcome news from Sidney Lipman!

1st July 2020|Club News|

Welcome news from Sidney Lipman! Sidney Lipman, a current and longtime member of BHCC, recently celebrated his 99th birthday. He moved to a care home only in January 2020, and they rolled out the red carpet for him metaphorically!  They [...]

SPA 2020 Biennial Exhibition Update

29th June 2020|Club News|

SPA Biennial Exhibition 2020   As many of you know, the SPA has been unable to display the 2020 Biennial Exhibition at its normal venue of Guildford House Gallery due to the impact of the coronovirus. However, slideshows of [...]

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